African Americans Blaming Southern Diet For Health Misery

African Americans blaming “Southern Diet” for health misery, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Tuesday. The delicious Southern classics have now become relaxation food in Americans life. But this new findings revealed that the diet could be killing black Americans.

The latest study conducted by the researchers from the University of Alabama claims that the high consumption of a Southern-style diet – rich in deep-fried foods, pecan pies, and other nutritionally dubious fare – is the reason behind the increased risk of hypertension among black adults. According to the researchers, diet has a major impact on blood pressure.

Researchers analyzed the data collected from nearly 7,000 black and white adults, including both men and women, over the age of 45 living across the U.S. The team wanted to find out why black Americans are more likely to develop high blood pressure risk than.

They found that black Americans were more likely than white participants to consume a Southern-style diet which they noted as rich in heavy foods such as organ meats, processed meats, fried foods, sugar-sweetened beverages, bread, and dairy.  This diet had a strong association with hypertension.

“See, the traditional African-American Southern diet was really designed for survival,” he says. “African-Americans were not able to access a balanced, nutritious diet during slavery and during Jim Crow. What they had was organ meats and parts of slaughtered animals that others didn’t eat, and greens they grew themselves. And what they did is take those scraps and turn it into what’s now an internationally renowned cuisine,” says Thomas LaVeist, a dean and professor of health policy and management at Tulane University.



Conner Evans

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