Vitamin D Capsules Don’t Work Effectively For Bone Health

Vitamin D capsules don’t work effectively for bone health. Vitamin D supplements have long been shown to keep bones healthy and help stop colds and flu in older adults.

But the latest study argues that Vitamin D pills make no difference to the strength of bones. An analysis of older studies notes that taking either high or low doses of vitamin D supplements didn’t improve bone density. Sunlight helps the body to produce vitamin D and its one of the major source.

However, Vitamin D supplements can prevent some disorders including rickets which is a childhood bone disease. People with little or no sun exposure are more likely to develop vitamin D deficiency.

Moreover, new research covered studies that included women aged 65 and older who took vitamin D supplements on daily basis. The review found no link between vitamin D supplementation and reduction in the fracture, hip fractures or falls.

Based on these facts, researcher Dr. Alison Avenell, a clinical chair in health services research at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, suggests that the recommended guidelines of vitamin D supplements for bone health should be changed.

“Preserving bone strength involves keeping active, not smoking, not being too thin, and taking medications for osteoporosis,” Avenell explains.

“What is important to keep in mind is that those with low vitamin D were not represented in this meta-analysis, and vitamin D supplementation — repletion, actually — is still necessary for those with low vitamin D levels, regardless of age,” said Dr. Minisha Sood, an endocrinologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.



Conner Evans

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